About Outintic

Outintic is a philosophical and methodological perspective developed within non-formal social work in Sweden as a counter-weight to a wide spread unified approach towards people's capacities, identity and life choices. Outintic ("feeling as an OUTsider at the same time as being aware of your inner strengths") concept includes an international community (Outintic society), a set of hands-on projects on the topic and, a physical training facility for meeting of specialists and curious volunteers.

For the members, coworkers and volunteers with different international initiatives we provide both urban and rural environments for short or long-term projects with main focus on social dialogue and recognition of competencies. We search for partners to widen the network of safe and efficient creative production and design processes.

About the Summit imageAbout the Summit image
One day is just as good an any other day, to start talking out loud about things we have only seen and chitchat in the coffee breaks about. Things like a sense of being different that doesn't disappear with age, capacity to learn in a different matter, follow unwritten rules in the daily routines, or unconventional paths in career development.
Maybe also things like strive for multidimensional relationships and capacity to find solutions outside of the box, odd behaviors and sensitivity.
Also, talk about the capacity of some people to improve in several areas simultaneously well, about some people's capacity to immerse in and focus on a task beyond yoga masters; maybe we should also talk about how similar "normal" environments, make some people happy and some suicidal.
One day is just as fine day as any other, to talk about mental ill-health, exclusion and suicide rates among young people who feel misunderstood and misplaced; about which way understanding between "us" and "them" can go, what is "normal" way of life and how many of these ways there can be.
Who sets up agenda for normality within learning, work and relations? How do we evaluate and even to start with, recognize different competences when we see them? What do our talents and dreams actually mean? When is the age when one can change the world?
Just as any other beautiful day, we decided to spend 26-28 of November on discussing these issues with our present and future colleagues, from all over Europe, calling a first Outintic Summit in Helsingborg.
We invite all specialists: theoretics, practitioners, public service operators, representatives of recruiting companies, researchers, youth workers, etc who have in one way or another encountered the matters of deviant competences, to join the summit.
- Have you met someone who mismatched at school?
- Have you ever talked to school dropouts and felt that they had a point?
- Do you work with someone who had a non-logical but effective way of organisation her/himself?
- Do you meet or work with people who seem to write their own rules of life?
- Do you work or meet bright young people unhappy and feeling lost?
- Do you work with questions of employment and saw people whose strong competences anyway don't fit the market?
- Do you know anyone who despite lack of formal education, has reached high position and quality of life?
Saying yes to any of these may indicate that you have knowledge to contribute with, and knowledge to gain from the Summit. Please, register and join. There are several options for registration: you may choose to pay a higher fee and let us book your lodging; pay a smaller fee and search for the best lodging option yourself, Helsingborg offers a great variety of cosy living at https://visithelsingborg.com/ . For our partners and speakers, there is an option "partner register" with no fee. 

The Summit will take place a full day on Friday the 26th, Saturday 27th and half day of Sunday 28th of November.
The aim of this event is to bring together specialist who have similar observations about multiple normalities and multipotentials, for a more structured dialogue on the topic, and together produce a framework for understanding and support of personal and career development of people who don't fit the existing educational or labor market structures. 
During these days we will have a number of presentations highlighting different aspects of Outintic concept; the core of the summit are the workshops and group discussions that will take place between the participants, focusing on the topic. The materials of the summit will be collected and published, presenting a first step on the way of formal recognition of multiple normalities. We hope to mark the start of the process of not only acceptance of deviant competences, but also research and practical utilization of the innovative potential that people with different learning, communicating and behavioral patterns have.
There is chance and space for our participants, to present their own findings and perspectives on the matter during the summit. To organize this in a best way please contact the team on summit@proqvi.se.
The summit is made possible thanks to support from Helsingborg city (Evenemangsfonden) and we hope that wonderful Helsingborg vibes will leave a warm memory for all the participants!

Now, about the program..

Program                    (-Proceed to registration-) 

PART 1 Online meeting for the registered participants: 21 November via Zoom. Link will be sent to the registered participants only.

14.00 - 14.30 welcome, presentations by participants and the project group, presentation of the project's structure and program.
14.30 - 15.30 Presentation of objectives for the project, alignment of the participants' agenda and interests.
15.30 - 16.30 Priorities (fish bone) of the schedule.
16.30 - 17.45 Group discussion about contributions to the project's results, speakers and program points.
17.45 Conclusion of the meeting.

PART 2 Seminar 26-28 November:

Day 1 at Tryckeriet, Vasatorpsvägen 1b, 254 57 Helsingborg

8.30-10.00 Registration and breakfast mingling for early arrivals.
12.00 - 13.00 lunch
13.00 - Opening of the program and welcome.
13.30 - Presentation of Outintic concept and discussion.
14.30 - Outintic Talks-1: guest speakers for mind setting insights.
15.45 - coffee
16.15 - Parallel workshops and discussions.
18.00-18.30 World Café of ventilating ideas and creating a sounding board for each other's conclusions.
20.00 - dinner and mingle for participants.

Day 2 at Tryckeriet, Vasatorpsvägen 1b, 254 57 Helsingborg

9.00 - Tour of Helsingborg. OBS: meeting point in the city.
11.00 - Outintic Walk&Talk. OBS: meeting point in the city.
12.00 - 13.00 Lunch
13.15 - Outintic Talks-2
14.00 - Parallell Workshops.
15.00 - GAME ON! PART 1. Challenges and goals for the future in the recognition of deviant competencies.
16.30 - coffee
16.30 -18.30 - GAME ON! PART 2.Strategic planing and social dynamics.
20.00 -  dinner and mingle for participants.

Day 3: Social meeting point 107-an, address Södergatan107
9.00 - 10.00 Summary of impressions and discussions
10.00 - FishBone of future research. Brainstorm on conditions for innovations
10.30 Closing reflections, closing of the summit.
11.00 Walk to Folkets universitet (Address Trädgårdsgatan 25, 12 minutes walk), lunch-and-good-bye.

Background thoughts
Program  imageProgram  image
  •  26-11-2021 09:00 AM - 28-11-2021 03:00 PM
  •   Vasatorpsvägen 1b, 254 57 Helsingborg, Sverige

REGISTRATION IS OPEN! Welcome to join the first ever OUTINTIC summit! Its objective is to establish an annual event that brings together researchers and workers in education and HR provision, for competence-driven innovation in the recognition and utilization of young people's deviant skills, and development/change of contemporary pedagogical paradigm with special focus on diversity of personal capacities, conditions and premises for informal learning.

  •  23-11-2021 05:00 PM - 25-11-2021 06:00 PM
  •   Västra Järnvägsgatan 3, Hästveda, Sverige

Use a chance and meet your international colleagues! In order to make the participation in the first Outintic Summit most efficient, we invite you to join a partnership building activity that will take place three days before the summit. During the activity we will get you know each other's background and methodological standpoints, passions and motivations behind the work, exchange tools and areas of their practical implementation, talk about challenges and out-of-protocol observations regarding deviant competencies, at our relevant working environments. The placement will be in rooms of 2-3 persons, with shared bathrooms.

Handan Akarsu Scarabello EU project consultant Coach (ACC-ICF), Italy/Turkey

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Manu Heras has been in a wheel chair all the officially adult life, he brings up an honest discussion about what public opinion does to people's development options. Engaging in Manu's story inevitably sets the priorities straight: what is power in our life, who, when and why has it.

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Struggle with public judgements and fear of outsidership and bullying prevents women particularly young, from researching their conditions and premises. This hits hard girls with autism.

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Follow Ulla in her story from her childhood into the career choice of a special pedagogue supporting children who have difficulties adjusting to school and daily routines. Today Ulla is retired and spends her time cresting art in various materials.

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Anna, Sweden provides a thorough insight in a life of an outintic, in her case with a stated diagnosis of Asperger syndrome.

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Kristina Milotic, principal at Veldi Kompetens school, Helsingborg/Sweden

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Oleksandr Poznii, director, Andrii Yeremenko, founder and Iryna Makarova, leading analyst of “Active Group” research company, Kyiv/Ukraine

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Tania Bauder, the leader of ProQvi NGO and manager of Project Pocket, social initiatives incubator, Helsingborg/Sweden.

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Olena Litvishko, president of Agency for Development of Civil Society, Kyiv/Ukraine

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Cecilia Holmkvist and Sonia Tota, with a background as speech and language pathologists now working within student health services in Malmö, Sweden

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1. Recognition

You know this person


Highways of normality

3. Deviant Competences

Introducing the need and place

4. Outsidership

Deviant competences and mental health

5. Outintic

New paradigm of education

6. Evolution

Mental normality. All of them.

Project Pocket Helsingborg (Urban Spaces)

Project Pocket Helsingborg (Urban Spaces)

Come and run your project in the city of Helsingborg! It is a playground for creative people: co-working space with both spaces for digital work, informal and personal talks, there is space for dancing as well as for carpentry. Wood floor. Free Internet / wifi & printer. WC, shower and a kitchenette for longer turns and soulful meetings. For more info please check the website https://www.projectpocket.se.

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Outintic House: Project + Learning Centre

Outintic House: Project + Learning Centre

The Outintic House is the perfect place for all creatives to meet, engage and plan their own short or long-term projects together! Project & Learning centre with mixed and single bedrooms presents accomodation in rural environment. Outdoor space with forest and lakes around. Shared Kitchen and bathrooms in Hästveda, Sweden. This place is perfect for recreation, informal and non-formal education, team building, weekend camps and other activities that need a team to be in a close connection for a short period of time, with intense work effort and space for reflections and personal growth.

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Online Mentorship

Online Mentorship

Receive mentorship & guidance to turn your idea into paper, planing & scheduling, build up a team, write proposals or seek funding. Email: tusenmila@gmail.com

  • Västra Sandgatan 6, Helsingborg, Sweden



Stage 1 - Reflect about your experiences, motivations and dreams

a) Reflect about your inner world: what do you feel about yourself, did it always go along with the expectations of your environment? What brought you peace of mind, what were your thrills, what have you been always particularly good at? b) Have you even felt different for no particularly reason? c) Did you have to adjust and silence some of your capacities, to fit in the community or at school?


Stage 2 - Awareness and courage

Is there a part of your personality, some skills and competences that you refuse to fit into a box? That is, if you actually know what the box is... How would you formulate them? If difficult, what would be the initiative that would feel right for you? Often that is how we discover our strengths and "superpowers", regardless if our environment is ready for them or not. Do you have an idea for a project or initiative that might play well in our facilities: urban or rural sites?


Stage 3 - Develop your idea

You are never alone. We call the world wide family of individuals with similar ways of communicating with universe, learning and behaving, the Outintic Society. Good ideas emerge but usually need some energy and effort and between the likeminded people, cooperation is rewarding. Is there anything you would like to share, to implement together with other outintics? With or without mentorship: we can help you to develop and conduct your project idea. Everything from leading workshops, write and direct a film, events, festivals, or starting your own business.


Stage 4 - Partnership

Planning own experiment is great. But remember, your support might mean a lot for other projects! Would you like to travel to another country and become part of the Outintic society, collaborate and participate in amazing multicultural projects? Come to Sweden and enjoy access to our facilities. For any of those options, please consider becoming a member! Now that your project is up and running, you can benefit from strategic partnerships, enlarge your team, conduct and work on multiple projects.


Stage 5 Membership and internship

Stage 1 - Membership Contact us and let us know if you would like to become a member in our community. The fee differs depending on how much time and effort your initiative will require. OR become a volunteer and work with us! Only members and volunteers can benefit from our services.



Being a member means being able to use our facilities, lead your own activities, receive guidance & mentorship for your project...

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By volunteering with us you can receive the same membership benefits and opportunities for free.

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Contact us for strategic partnership and future collaborations.

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  • Reserve our facilities to use only Twice per year.
  • Includes Outintic Society Pass.
  • Plus promotion for your activities.


  • Reserve our Facilities to use once per week, every week!
  • Price includes Outintic Society Pass


  • Buy your own office space in our facilities.
Partnership meeting image

A topic like Outintic challenges a lot of concepts and habits of work and thinking. But so it may give a lot.
In order to maximize the effect of the Outintic summit, we invite you to join a brainstorming, networking and partnership building activity all-in-one, in the Outintic house 3 days prior to the summit: 23-25 November. The facility is located 90 km from Helsingborg, 1,5 hour drive or train from Copenhagen/Malmö airports. The stay in the house is free of charge, basic fee of 20 euro per day will be requested to cover the costs of meals and drinks.
If you are interested but have any questions please contact us at contact@projectpocket.se or by phone +46761665626. If you already made up your mind and want to come, please book your place, they are quite limited.