Project Pocket Helsingborg (Urban Spaces)

Come and run your project in the city of Helsingborg! It is a playground for creative people: co-working space with both spaces for digital work, informal and personal talks, there is space for dancing as well as for carpentry.  Wood floor. Free Internet / wifi & printer. WC, shower and a kitchenette for longer turns and soulful meetings. For more info please check the website 

Common opening hours are :16.00-20 but may vary due to special activities.

Members have special prices to use this facilities, please check the membership packs.


  • Shared care for the location in terms of cleaning and garbage disposal. 
  • Information about events and activities should be open to public and promoted in advance.
  • Membership is conditioned by the organisation Proqvi, therefore cannot stride against its main principles of:
    •  democracy, 
    • free will, freedom of speech, 
    • non-partisan, gender equality and equity, 
    • tolerance and respectful treatment.

  • For more info please write to