Speaking formal, Outintic is an international initiative which provides both urban and rural environments for short or long-term projects with main focus on social dialogue in education and recognition of competencies. We search for partners to widen the network of safe and efficient creative production and design processes.

Developing the definition and principles of Outintic and deviant competences, naturally we gain more contacts, knowledge, ideas, connections, contacts, inspiration, tools, topics for scientific research and opportunities to implement initiatives. Friendships and collaborations. Stories to enjoy and to tell. Project work does this to people: it show that all over the world, there are persons who when taught to think outside of the box, will sincerely wonder what the box is. We are quite determined to connect these people: to be aware of this "family", to know that you are not alone, to discuss the topics outside of the box, to start and to join projects that change the world to the better, one local step at a time. Outintic Society is about encouraging & connecting creatives around the world to land and conduct their projects, with support of mentors and facilities. In Sweden, we can offer our locations in Helsingborg and Hästveda. Also in Minsk /Belarus, Kyiv/Ukraine, Istanbul/Turkey. Do you have a facility and want to be included in the network? Please contact us.

Speaking less formal, from years of cooperation with young creative people all over the world in non-formal settings, dozens of projects and initiatives, hundreds of talks and observations, thousands of discoveries and surprises, we cannot "wait and see" anymore. A huge number of bright young people who is not being accepted by their environment, or who is being called "stupid" because of a different perspective, or even punished to not being fit for the routines around; the statistics of discrimination and mental ill-health in a modern world of nanotechnologies and lightning-fast social media sharing, that should be a rudiment, a joke and a shame. We believe we can change the tides, just because we have all these wonderful technologies and sources to our service. A little bit of courage and effort on top of that and the world will be staring into a new paradigm of learning and recognition of competences.

We want to gradually build up an international community of courageous, many times different from their environment but every time eager to try and learn from both success and mistakes, free creative internationals. We call ourselves and others like us, outintics: being authentic exactly the way you are, inside of your own true self even as an outsider to many observers.

Our ambition is to promote and connect social workers, researchers, project leaders and social entrepreneurs worldwide by offering relevant services such as training, workshops, coaching and mentoring, networking opportunities, not least physical amenities for conducting projects and social impact initiatives, startup companies/social enterprises and culture entrepreneurs.

We pursue inclusive entrepreneurship support approach that ensures all people regardless of their background would have an equal opportunity to start and run their initiatives for social and cultural development.

Where does it start, where does it finish?

It starts with an idea that comes up into mind of a creative but also persistent person, from anywhere in the world.
It can also start with a feeling of that life has something bigger to offer: you always knew that.
It may also come with a challenge of identity search and personal development that some of your closest people experience.

This person or you, happen to know about us and our facilities, and decides to either join us in our work, or conduct her/his project with our help. Maybe in Sweden (that is the fastest) or anywhere else (may take time). So this person joins the community of Outintic in one of the membership formats, as a project partner or a volunteer.

At the moment we are active in two places, one is Project Pocket and is situated in urban environment in Helsingborg. Another one is Outintic House, it is located in a forest village north of Hässleholm. After a discussion and a planning process (mentoring is a part of membership), we plan the work/project, define and search for resources and conduct it, adding another experience to our history and the creative but also persistent person’s, portfolio.

Would you like to work with us?

Do you want to become a member or a volunteer?

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