11 Jul

There is a story that repeats itself time after time, about a child growing up as different in an environment that uses violence to make one fit into the frame of tradition and simple management. How do we perceive these experiences from outside, and inside of the situation? What kind of help shall be offered, where does real understadning comes from? Mentorship is crucial, but how do we find a good mentor in the system that doesn't support deviations? Treating them as exceptions, children are being forced into behavior that makes them unhappy, angry and rebellious. Treating them as examples of a bigger group and paying attention to the ways that these children show, makes children inspired and motivated for studies. Now, how the studies shall be formed is another important question.
Follow Ulla in her story from her childhood into the career choice of a special pedagogue supporting children who have difficulties adjusting to school and daily routines. Today Ulla is retired and spends her time cresting art in various materials.

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