26 Sep

After the process of realizing, and asking questions on what is “normality” and how come we loose different competences, talents, wide potentials just because we stuck in the idea of “normal” and try to fit ourselves or others into this idea and if there is no fit, how the system force these “abnormal”people to be out; we start to process of thinking and asking questions on how can we open spaces, support, and esteem these “Deviant Competences”.There is no doubt that it requires to focus on different levels and environments, and there are and may be developed more than one approach, method, strategy; one of the approaches that we currently try in our association is Co-Agency Coaching &Mentoring.Co-agency is a concept defined by OECD Learning Framework 2030 and it aims to"orient students in a world of uncertainty and rapid change and helps them navigate towards the future they want. In this approach everyone considered as a learner, not only students but also teachers, school managers, parents, and communities, and it is an interactive, mutually supportive relationships that help learners to progress towards their goals based on their own competences, and values.Coaching is a tool that we use with co-agency for not to build possibilities FOR them but build these possibilities WITH them. Our aim is not only defining the causes but also exploring solutions and resolutions together.

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