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REGISTRATION IS OPEN! Welcome to join the first ever OUTINTIC summit! Its objective is to establish an annual event that brings together researchers and workers in education and HR provision, for competence-driven innovation in the recognition and utilization of young people's deviant skills, and development/change of contemporary pedagogical paradigm with special focus on diversity of personal capacities, conditions and premises for informal learning.

  • Date: 26-11-2021 09:00 AM - 28-11-2021 03:00 PM
  • Location: Vasatorpsvägen 1b, 254 57 Helsingborg, Sverige (Map)
  • More Info: Aktivitetshuset Tryckeriet


The summit is planned to take place from morning Friday the 26/11 till lunch Sunday the 28th. For partnership building purposes we also invite colleagues to register and come a few days earlier, for informal exchange of contacts and experiences. Please check out the Partnership Meeting event in earlier options.

In case you prefer to organize your lodging personally, there is a great variety of options, please visit


We welcome participants from 8.30 in the morning at Tryckeriet for breakfast and informal mingle. We have some snacks and the program starts after lunch at 13.00, on Friday and goes until 21 including dinner. 

On Saturday we have a round tour in Helsingborg in the morning, finishing it with a walk&talk at 11.00, have lunch and set up for intense talks until the evening, finishing the program at 21.00.

On Sunday, we have a two hour sum-up for the project at a different location in the South part of the city between 9.00-11.00, then a study visit and a light lunch at the study union Folkets universitet, about 15 minutes walk.

Participation fees and tickets.

There are different ways you can join this activity. Food is provided for registered participants during the summit regardless their ticket type.  For partnership building purposes we also invite colleagues to register and come a few days earlier, for informal exchange of contacts and experiences

There is a possibility to let us find you a place to stay during the summit ("Lodging included" ticket), or register as a local or Partner Participant and we will find a best solution for your participation in a dialogue. 

For any questions please contact the project leader Tania Bauder directly, by +46 761665626, or project coordinator Evelyn Rodriguez by +34 666232916.

We aim to initiate discussions about definitions for deviant competencies that would give rise to research, work and method development with a focus on career development of people with different ways of thinking, learning and communicating. 

We hope to gather specialists wide and deep to discuss their observations and thoughts about these people and their capabilities and possible (new) areas of application for the deviant skills and competences.

We certainly aim to establish an international network of specialists for further development of the framework in the subject.

During the last several years of our international work with young people from different cultures, a number of observations and positions from specialists had crystallized into a common understanding of what changes are needed to take the issue of school dropouts and youth unemployment to the next level and arrive at effective measures. Issues lifted by youth leaders, educators, curators and job consultants were following:
- we shall make visible and articulate to the public, strengths and talents of people that often hide behind neuropsychiatric diagnoses (autism, asperger's, etc.)
- introduce and develop understanding of term "deviant competencies" that differs from "disability" or "functional variation" in that it indicates that there are higher and further steps in its development.
- discuss the status of an alternative normality for people with deviant skills, not as a condition alongside "normal". The difference is if you look at unusual conditions as a problem that needs a solution and thus help, but only to approach the norm; instead, if deviations are seen as signs of an alternative, equally legitimate existential way that presupposes other, hitherto unknown, unexplored and unrecognized capacities and talents.
- Pay attention to deviating competencies, ie. people whose way of looking at the world, communicating and learning differs from the generally accepted "normal" way, for the general public. But before that,
- Agree on what we are dealing with and in what way we should deal with this phenomenon, if it is to be seen as a shift of paradigm and not as a (also common) exception to the rule.

Less formal...
According to studies, 5% of all children and 2.5% of all adults are estimated to have ADHD, 1-2% of the population has an autism spectrum diagnosis, and many individuals who have no disability in other situations have difficulty with various cognitive contexts without becoming diagnosed. There are signs that the proportion with ADHD has increased in recent decades, although the reason for this is unclear (sources: National Board of Health and Welfare, Knowledge Guide, Brain Foundation via This means that over 11,000 people in Helsingborg alone end up in the group that is seen as disadvantaged instead of being praised for their special skills: it is not uncommon for these people to have incredible abilities in concentration, patterns, construction, analytics. Think how much you do not yet know about these personality traits. There is a certain unspoken segregation based on differences in capacities, where only a normality is accepted as most advantageous. What if we could turn it around and launch the first ship for change throughout Sweden and internationally, to interpret diagnosis as a prerequisite for professional competence? So far, in the absence of any better word, we had called these people "outintics", ie. A person who is at peace with himself even when he is outside "normality". Based on many discussions with colleagues and visitors to the association, we can state that the subject is close to the surface now, with many committed young specialists - "outintics" who want to find their place in the world and see Helsingborg as their home and place for applying their talents. Through the project, it would be possible to connect experience and observations of specialists with needs for young people and with opportunities for development in the city's surroundings. The result is to produce a unique model of transforming the risk group (for mental illness) into the front for innovation (thanks to different ways of thinking and creating). We do not have a recipe for how to do it now, but we hope that the collective intelligence of seminar participants can work it out.

Seminar to be recorded and broadcast live; questions and comments from viewers should be collected and passed on to speakers and participants. With regard to any corona related recommendations, seminars can be conducted digitally.

The participants will be offered basic lodging and meals during the summit, included in the participation fee.

Participation fee for the summit is 120 euro paid upon confirmation of participation, due to limit of amount of participants in person. The summit fee includes lodging and food during the conference. Please apply for participation either here by purchasing the ticket or by sending an email to with a  short description of your background and expectations for participation in the event. This refers to participants in person due to logistics: food and lodging, that will need to be taken care of. 

Digital participation is free of charge but registration is obligatory in any case. 

In case you are madly passionate about the topic but cannot pay the participation fee, please get in touch with us and we will try to find a solution.




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